Home Automation

What is HomeAutomation?

Home Automation enables the automatic control of commonly used elements such as lighting, security, temperature, music and other home devices in a manner that is personalized to the needs of each family. Automated homes are referred to as "Smart Homes". Following are the benefits of home automation.


An automated home is about the convenience of saving your time and effort by having your home automatically do routine functions such as watering your grass (but only if it has not rained recently), or turning off all lights, setting the thermostat to economy mode and arming the security system when you retire for the night. It's about enjoying home theater time by having the lights dim, curtains close, TV and DVD player turn on and popcorn popper start... all with the touch of just one button.


Home automation is about the security you have knowing that you can look in on your home remotely from anywhere in the world, or that your home will phone you if anything is amiss, or that a fire will alert your home to wake you, shut down the gas and ventilation system and turn on a lighting path for your escape.


And it's about the energy savings you will enjoy by assigning your home the responsibility of regulating the operation of lights, water heater, HVAC system, entertainment components, appliances and irrigation system so these devices are on only when needed. The benefits of an automated home are only limited by your imagination.

Lighting Automation
Lighting Automation Benefits

A lighting control system enables one-touch control of all lights throughout the house using which mood-based scenes can be created resulting in convenience and elegance. With the touch of a button, you can turn lights on or off, dim lights, control fans and more from anywhere in the house.

Lighting control systems can be programmed easily based on time of day, motion, security, mood, and many other factors. For example, with a lighting control system you can program your lights to automatically turn on when you enter the house or turn off during nights or when you leave the house. You can program lighting scenes consistent with a relaxing evening, a late night party or a holiday dinner. Lighting control systems do not take away from your ability to control individual lights the way you have always done.
Automatic Door Locks

Sensors can detect your smart phone when you arrive at your home and automatically unlock your front door or open your garage for you.

Unlocking your front door or garage can also activate a variety of other systems such as lights, music, and heating. These systems can also recognise different people and who can each have customised settings.
Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras can automatically detect motion outside your home and notify you on your Smartphone and send you live images so you can assess the situation for yourself.

Automatic Blinds

Sensors can detect the temperature and brightness in a room and automatically close or open your blinds to optimise the temperature and reduce your need for heating and cooling.

On a hot day in summer, your blinds can close automatically, or on a sunny day in winter, they can open automatically to make the most of the sun and reduce the amount of heating you need.
Automatic Heating And Cooling

You can programme your heating and cooling to turn automatically at certain times or a temperature as well as having them turn off automatically if sensors detect nobody is using the room.

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